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Hello Ultimate Coldplers

Hello all you beautiful people, here's my very first of what will become a monthly blog. I'll be updating you on everything Ultimate Coldplay and also those other guys, Coldplay!

I'll be talking about random shit like gigs, set lists, new and old songs we have never played live, the places and venues we'd like to perform at and the latest on my loyal companion 'Jules' the sausage dog.

Firstly, if you weren't aware, Ultimate Coldplay are a full-time working live tribute band dedicated to the music and image of Coldplay and having as much fun as humanly possible whilst still being fully clothed lol.

We have performed up and down the UK and left and right of Europe and the Far East. We love travelling, playing music and generally avoiding any form of what you would call a 'normal job'.

Secondly, we're four individual guys with wives, kids, houses, cars, kitchen appliances, interests and hobbies etc too numerous to mention and some that would make your toes, eyes and minds curl lol Safe to say we are all pretty normal but quite nerdy when it comes to books, films, humour and video games.

Lastly, unfortunately there's been a few cancellations recently, Worcester Racecourse and the Big Festival in Market Harborough are no longer happening. Sorry guys stuff beyond our control and hopefully there's some alternative dates you can make instead...

So, before i say goodbye let me just say thanks for reading(sorry about my strange sense of humour and rambling mind) and please check out our tour dates on the website or our facebook events, we have loads coming up and if there's any venues or areas you'd like us to visit then please let us know?

All the very best

David aka CM xx

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